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Hotel thirty percent connect Hong Kong high-speed opened fire tour

Date: 2018-09-26

Today, the high-profile connect Hong Kong fully operational high-speed rail.Coincides with the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, Gao Tietong open its driving effect on the Hong Kong tourism is showing.The reporter understands from several travel agencies, holiday 3 days, the Hong Kong hotel visitors rose close to 30%.The industry is expected, as the high-speed railway opening, Hong Kong tourists this year expected to exceed 60 million.

Data: hot line tickets have sold out farthest south from Harbin

The reporter understands, connect Hong Kong high-speed rail ticket sale in early September once was plunder, quite a few popular hot time trains is hard to get a ticket.Ctrip related data showed that both passengers during the Mid-Autumn festival is in guangzhou, shenzhen, guangzhou port of the main force of high-speed rail."Closer, short timescales for the pearl river delta residents, sit high iron to Hong Kong may be similar to the feeling of the subway."

Besides the above two, the top 10 tourists still is given priority to with neighboring provinces city, including xiamen, changsha, fuzhou, chaozhou, dongguan, etc.The passengers between Beijing and Shanghai also to connect Hong Kong high-speed showed great enthusiasm, the total number of passengers in the eighth and ninth respectively.At the same time, the reporter understands, take the high-speed rail to Hong Kong like "catch," most of the passengers, choose between 6 to 11 o 'clock in the morning departure passengers accounted for the highest, 65%.Fewer than 10% of the passengers will choose after 18 PM train number.

As connect Hong Kong high-speed rail traffic, the mainland to Hong Kong's shortest time consuming is only 14 minutes (from fukuda car), it also makes a lot of shenzhen citizen choose tickets during the Mid-Autumn festival "tasting";While the furthest distance passengers from Harbin via Beijing all the way down, take 16.5 hours arrived in Hong Kong west Kowloon station, is the most loyal "fans".

Effect: high iron swim effects appear big Hong Kong Mid-Autumn festival into heat

Due to connect Hong Kong high-speed opened coincides with the Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation, for the driving effects of tourism have preliminarily revealed.Ctrip hotel university, according to data provided by the data center on Sept. 23 to Sept. 25, the mainland Hong Kong hotel total passengers rose nearly 30%, record year Mid-Autumn festival.Tourism industry analysts believe that connect Hong Kong high-speed rail traffic is the main reason of the growth.

In fact as early as until the opening of guangshen high speed rail, many tourism companies began to layout the Hong Kong tourist market.Opened on September 7, 2018 guangdong international tourism products fair Hong Kong tourism board joint lingnan holding GuangZhiLv international travel agency issued more than 20 connect Hong Kong high-speed rail travel booking lines, these lines and high-speed rail line points starting group in October 9 - the departure routine, most days travel for 1-3 days, travel involves many famous scenic spots in Hong Kong.

At the same time, connect Hong Kong Ocean Park also introduced a high-speed and park tickets tourism product packages, as well as of October 2018 to March 2018 6 garden where two preferential packages.Li Shengzong said, chief executive of Hong Kong Ocean Park, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and connect Hong Kong high iron, opened the road transport between mainland and Hong Kong time significantly shortened, will drive the mainland tourists to visit Hong Kong, especially within 6 hours drive to Hong Kong city.

, deputy general manager of China travel service Hong Kong Wu Xian also said that will drive high-speed rail travel 3 to 5 hours of line, as well as Hong Kong has no direct flight routes, etc.

In addition to attract mainland visitors to Hong Kong, guangzhou, Hong Kong high-speed rail but also the important channels of Hong Kong citizens into the mainland tour.The personage inside course of study says, the existing high-speed rail travel on the mainland from Hong Kong, generally from shenzhen north station, along with the high-speed rail traffic, Hong Kong is planning to put the hubs "moving" to the west Kowloon station, intends to "along the site will be open Gao Tietuan", destination as far as wuhan, changsha, guiyang, nanchang, close to shantou, xiamen, etc.

Prediction: the year 60 million Hong Kong tourists will be broken

Since free line open in 2003 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong is famous for its "shopping paradise", and as Japan and South Korea visa more convenient as well as the exchange rate advantage in recent years, Hong Kong has no competitive advantage on shopping.Because geographical environment is small, at the same time, Hong Kong is not a lot of tourist attractions, to mainland tourists had no longer fresh.

Especially after Shanghai Disneyland officially opened in 2016, for two theme parks in Hong Kong but also caused the huge pressure of competition.So, starting in 2015, Hong Kong tour show double-digit decline, until 2017, the National Day is also the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, Hong Kong tour to stop falling, golden week tourists, is up 3.8% from a year earlier.

Hong Kong tourism board, according to data of visitors in the first half of this year over 30.6 million, up 10% than the same period last year, a record since 2003.Which rose significantly in mainland passengers, up to 23.67 million passengers, up 13% from a year earlier.Hong Kong dragon hair bureau deputy director-general Ye Zhende is expected to connect Hong Kong high-speed period of opening to promote tour Hong Kong's leading role is very big, this year Hong Kong visitors will break through 60 million person-time.

The tourist industries in Hong Kong's legislative council members yiu si-wing in said in an interview with the media, is expected to mainland visitors to Hong Kong, from short-term passenger accounted for about 55% of the day.He said, the high-speed opening increases short-term passenger to port number, is advantageous to the free line passenger traffic growth.In addition, take the high-speed rail within 5 to 6 hours for overnight passengers can arrived in Hong Kong will also increase, will bring local hotels, retail, catering and other industries to help directly.

Hong Kong tourism board chairman, said Peter lam, army is actively discuss with Hong Kong and the mainland industry development with "high-speed rail" as the theme of tourism products, such as cruise lines can be combined with high iron and cruise products, etc.He also hope to grasp the opportunity for high-speed rail industry, further expand the mainland overnight passenger market in central and west China area.