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Dalian Coastal National Geopark is China's first c2012-05-02oastal geomorphology national geological park, located in the southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian City, southeast coast, with a total area of 216.42 square kilometers, including the Golden Pebble Beach, Montenegro, the southern coast and Lushunkou four park , is a set of geological research, science education, tourism, leisure, summer resort, an integrated urban coastal ...[Detail]

Lying by the Dalian city south shore, Binhai Road is a pleasant road for tourists. Binhai Road was built in 1970s, which was guarded by army. Deng Xiaoping advised to open it to tourists when he visited Dalian in 1980s, after that, it became a renowned scenic spot in Jinan. Binhai Road is 32 kilometers long, running through 12 main sceneries along the coastline. Whenever spring blossoms come, if you drive on this road, you could see rolling ...[Detail]

Bird's Nest Hill is located in east of Binghai road,Dalian city, covers an area of 0.8 square kilometers. The name "Bird's Nest Hill" was given because of the black swallows that visit the Hill frequently. They make nests and settle on the precipitous rock and sheer cliff. The rocks on the beach have formed a natural scene for their varied shapes. Some of the cliff looks like fish fin; some looks like stone statues of Buddha; ...[Detail]

Approximately 40km north of Dalian is the Bingyu Valley. This 110sqkm valley is often compared to Guilin in southern China for its cloud-obscured, towering peaks, its crystalline rivers, and its caves. This ancient forest preserve has many places of interest including Skylark Peak, Xiaoyu Valley, the Yingna River, and the Longhua (Dragon Splendor) and Huaguo (Orchard) Mountains. With rugged cliffs, and clear rivers winding through virgin ...[Detail]

Address: Jinshi Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China, CN Jinshi Yuan Park offers a rather unusual landscape for a city park, being full of enormous rocks. Over the years, these rocks have been sculpted into strange and appealing shapes by the elements and are worth a visit, providing endless photo opportunities. Many of the rocks stand at more than 20 metres / 65 feet, creating a dramatic appearance. Forest of monolithic rock formations reaching 20 ...[Detail]

Heishijiao is the nearest geological attractions from the Dalian, here's a winding coastline, the karst landscape has been formed about in more than a thousand million years ago - Black rock, all over the bay. Heishijiao Technolog The Shijiao (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of a variety of integrated software and services to help business management and development of new customer relationships, to achieve ...[Detail]

Lushun is located at the south edge of the Liaodong Peninsula, it occupis the west end of Dalian City. It is surrounded by sea on three sides, and also known as 'Port Arthur'. It is a beautiful tourist city zone with a long history. It was known as Shizikou (Lion Port) which was of strategic military importance from the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) up until the Liao Dynasty (916-1125). It was during the Ming Dynasty that it was given ...[Detail]

Dahei Mountain, also called Da He Mountain or Big Monk Moutain is located 5 kilometers away from the east of Jinzhou District, 35 kilometers from Dalian downtown covering a total area of 13.79 square meters. Dahei Mountain is also the highest peak of Dalian with 663.1 meters above sea level. There are four places of interest on Dahei Mountain; they are Temple ring for water, water-Temple, Chaoyang Temple, Baisha Town and other attractions. It is ...[Detail]

The top of Lao Tie Mountain, 466 meters above sea level, affords a fantastic view of the cobalt sea stretching away to distant Peng Lai Island, where Chinese emperors once sent expeditions to search for a magic elixir rumored to make immortal anyone who drank it. Dangerously steep cliffs, serene surroundings and luxuriant vegetation make this a paradise for migratory birds, and every winter hundreds of thousand of birds of more than 200 species ...[Detail]

Baiyu Mountain Scenery Area is located at the center of Lushun Area. It is a national AAAA tourist scenic area and province protected relic site. The original name of Baiyu Mountain is Xiguan Mountain. During Ming dynasty, when Li Hongzhang inspected Lushun, the mountain is renamed Baiyu Mountian. The Baiyu Mountain stands at 130 m from sea level. At its top, the entire Lushun, the beautiful naval port, and the mighty naval ships are all in view ...[Detail]