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Some peripheral tours took the lead in recovery: Tickets in Yilong Scenic Area increased in the same period

Date: 2020-03-24

The order volume in the third week of March increased by nearly 400% compared with the first week of March, and the recovery was strong.

"Wo" residence for more than a month has not affected consumers' desire to travel. Pin Orange Tourism learned from Tongyi Yilong that due to the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation and the restoration of tourism in some provinces and cities, since March, the surrounding areas of Tongyi Yilong have been on the platform. Ticket bookings for scenic spots increased in volume. From March 1st to 22nd, orders for scenic spots increased by more than 100% for three consecutive weeks. Among them, the order volume in the third week of March increased by nearly 400% from the first week of March, and the recovery was strong.

According to the same Cheng Yilong Scenic Area data, the opening rate of national scenic spots on March 18 has approached 50%. Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other multi-cultural tourism departments issued notices, except for the temporarily unable to operate cross-province and immigration team tourism business and "ticket + hotel" tourism business, other forms of tourism business activities resumed, in addition, Shanghai restarted The city traveled with group tours, the Hunan Cultural Tourism Agency and the Tongcheng Group assisted the recovery of cultural tourism, Jiangxi boosted tourism through "combination boxing" ... Tourism in many provinces and cities has accelerated the pace of recovery.

Affected by this, Tongcheng Yilong data shows that since March, the search and booking of scenic spot tickets on the Tongcheng Yilong platform have increased significantly. Among them, Beijing's Yuanmingyuan, Lianyungang Huaguoshan, Wuxi Mantouzhu, and Shanghai are the most popular scenic spots. Oriental Pearl Tower, Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu, Sichuan, Tianya Haijiao in Hainan, Giant Buddha in Lingshan in Wuxi, Tiger Hill in Suzhou, etc.

"The reasons for the epidemic have suppressed the user's short-term travel needs, but as the epidemic prevention and control gradually improves, tourism demand will gradually be released. From our recent data, the attention of short-distance products around the city is the first to increase." Introduction. From the perspective of the distribution of ticket orders for Yilong Scenic Spot in the same journey, the popular scenic spots cover multiple cities across the country, and the main tourist groups are local cities. The main themes involved are flower viewing, gardens, animal and botanical gardens, mountains, historical sites, theme parks, etc. In addition, he specially reminded that although the epidemic situation across the country has achieved phased victory, the epidemic situation has not ended, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed. It is still necessary to travel safely and rationally.

It is understood that since late February, whether it has been reopened or has not yet been restored, hundreds of scenic spots across the country have opened pre-sale on the same process Yilong platform through large discounts and extended use periods, starting from 1 yuan. 50% discount and other discounts ranging from months to one year, such as Nanjing Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone starting from 20 yuan, Suzhou Huayi Brothers Movie World tickets starting from 99 yuan, Zhouzhuang starting from 80 yuan Among them, Guangdong Qingyuan Niuyuzui Scenic Area had previously participated in a 1 yuan charity pre-sale and went online for 3 days. The sales volume broke 60,000. Tongyi Yilong also specially launched free scenic spots, scenic areas, red envelopes, etc., using social fission and other gameplay to lock in advance. demand.

On March 17, Tongyi Yilong announced the official launch of the departure plan-through the slogan of "Mountains and Rivers Re-departure", to encourage users to rationally plan their own trips under the premise of controllable epidemic and safe travel, aiming to adopt technology, products, The continuous investment in services and funds will revitalize the tourism economy that has been severely affected by the epidemic and help users set off safely after the epidemic.

In order to ensure the orderly opening of the scenic area to welcome customers, together with Cheng Yilong, the National Quality Scenic Areas launched the “Safe Travel” guarantee. With the “China Travel Scenic Area Safe Travel Epidemic Prevention Standards” as the benchmark, by providing the “Safe Traveler” big data itinerary query assistant, WeChat booking , Self-service ticketing systems, intelligent robots and other means to assist the scenic spot to do a good job of security and epidemic prevention, and fully protect the physical and mental health of tourists.

Tongcheng Yilong Big Data predicts that as more and more scenic spots resume orderly opening, the number of ticket reservations in scenic spots may be further released. "At present, prevention and control of the epidemic situation still cannot be relaxed. Many scenic spots adopt the reservation entry mode. Visitors must make advance reservations or reasonably arrange travel time according to the specific conditions of the scenic spot, and at the same time strictly take protective measures. Remember to keep certain safety with others when playing. Distance. "The person in charge added.